Digital Filing

Transform your document management with myBillOne’s centralized Electronic Document Repository System, designed to securely store and organize your transactional email PDF attachments, scanned documents, and softcopy documents in one convenient location.

Smart and efficient documentation

Our Smart Index Document Management System helps to store, organise and find your bulk documents easily by automatically categorising and indexing them

Easy Access and Retrieval

Cloud-based storage allows access and retrieval anywhere and anytime

Control Access Rights

Ensure confidentiality of digital filing can be achieved by user role management (Owner, Admin, Manager, Author and Viewer)


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is available to ensure top notch security.

Free Up your Storage Automatically

Flexible auto-purging feature available according to your business needs

Intelligent Filing System

You now can have a personal drive where you can arrange and categorise according to your audience database

Manage and Retrieve with Ease

Managing and filtering through your entire database of documents has never been easier. The quick and intuitive search bar allow you to sift through your documents faster than ever

Time saving

Advanced search and filter function help you to locate your file quickly and easily

Take Ownership of Your Access Rights

You decide who have the authority to access your filing and documents

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by Industry

Our technology can be applied to a multitude of industries! Listed here are the applications

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